About Us

Ltd „Mshen-Expert“ A-type inspection body is accredited LEPL “Unified Accreditation National body – Accreditation Center “ISO / IEC 17020: 2012/2013 international standard According to requirements.

The inspection body is accredited in the following areas:

  1. Cost Estimation / Conformity Assessment;
  2. Inspection of the works performed (Form № 2);
  3. 3. Inspection of technical condition;
  4. 1. Inspection of technical condition;
  5. 5. Inspection of project documentation (architecture, construction part, engineering-geological research, engineering parts, labor safety, hydraulic structures).

The ISO accreditation of the inspection body “Mshen-Expert” is a guarantee that the The inspection report will be acceptable to any state authority.

Our work is focused on professionalism and quality and impartiality are important to us Focused on the result, personal and property security is paramount for a person. We are motivated to protect the constitution of every human being and his / her rights to a healthy environment in accredited areas.


To achieve a high standard of development in the field of construction in Georgia; Construction Production according to international standards; Get safe and quality products with high standard of inspection.

Mshen-Expert was established in 2008 for construction projects and buildings, projects and To examine individual constructions. Over the years it has accumulated great Practical experience and performed many design or expert works, including special On responsible facilities. It has established itself in the market as a successful, objective, professional and reliable partner.

“Mshen-Expert” is focused on development, where they work in construction Well-known scientists, doctoral students and masters in the field, as well as successful experts. By this time There are 60 experts and technical supervisors.

The company received accreditation on April 1, 2016 LEPL “Unified National Accreditation Body – By the Accreditation Center. It is accredited as an A-type inspection body “Builder-Expert” From day one only does inspection work according to accredited fields..


2008 წლიდან დღემდე სხვადასხვა შენობა-ნაგებობების, როგორც სამრეწველო, ისე საცხოვრებელი, საზოგადოებრივი, ჰიდროტექნიკური, კაშხლების, ხიდების, სპორტული მოედნების, სტადიონების, ტერმინალების, საპორტო ნაგებობების, რეზერვუარების, საავტომობილო გზების, საყრდენი კედლების და სხვა საპასუხისმგებლო ობიექტების ტექნიკური ზედამხედველობა, პროექტების ექსპერტიზა, შესრულებული სამუშაოების შეფასება და არსებული შენობა-ნაგებობების გამოკვლევა-პროექტთან შესაბამისობის დადგენა-ინსპექტირება.

Working Process