Our projects

Technical supervision of research-strengtening – Recontruction of studios owned by LTD „broadcasting Company RusTavi 2“
Expertise for commissioning of buildings
Expertise for commissioning of buildings in Poti, examination of the commissioning of a typical multi-apartment five-storey residental house
research, examination and preparation of reinforcement project for industrial buildings Leather processing workshops and administrative building in the Chemical-fiber area on N12 mshvidoba street in Rustavi
Technical supervision of the complex administrative building of the units within the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Poti
Expertise for commissioning of buildings Poti I. Chavchavadze str. N16 (land N01.01.02.817), technical supervision of terminal construction
Tsageri Municipality, in the village of Chkhuteli on the river Tskhenistskali, technical supervision of the reconstruction of the Lajanuri HPP head junction (Tsageri Dam)
Tbilisi Enukidze street N7 N7, one-storey industrial building (land N01. Technical condition research-supervision
Tbilisi Tsereteli avenue N2, Boris Paichadze National Stadium „Dinamo Arena~ building (land N01.; technical condition research-supervition
Technical supervision of the inland traffic road in the village of Churchelauri, Tianeti Municipality
Technical supervision of the construction of a road bridge over the river Tergi in the village of Goristsikhe, Kazbegi Municipality